The World Association for Infant Mental Health World Congress 

Brisbane Australia June 22-26, 2021.

The WAIMH World Congress is set for June in Brisbane Australia.  Due to the pandemic there are both virtual and in person registration opportunities available. I was fortunate to attend the WAIMH World Congress many years ago when it was held in Melbourne Australia. It is the most amazing conference with experts and viewpoints from around the world.

An Invitation to Join The World Association for Infant Mental Health. ( 

Why become a WAIMH member?

  • To promote principles of infant and child health, development and mental health.
  • To become part of a global learning community and professional network that speaks for infants, young children and families around the world.
  • To have access to resources that promote infant mental health.
  • To learn from world experts about the health, mental health and optimal development of infants, toddlers and their families across cultures and around the world.
  • To expand your professional, social network.
  • To exchange of information about infants and infant-family programs.
  • To contribute to the protection of health and well-being in infancy, early childhood and parenthood on a global level.
  • To get opportunities to keep pace with new findings and innovations in scientific, clinical, and educational research and programs involving infants and their caregivers.
  • To contribute to a professional global learning community: WAIMH.

  Perspectives in Infant Mental Health is a free publication by WAIMH that posts articles and news relevant to infant mental health:

  The latest issue of the Infant Mental Health Journal can be accessed for free. We could either post a link to the full journal or to specific articles from the journal that may be interesting:


Public Policy 2021

Utah Legislation:

H.B. 337 Child Mental Health Amendments passed! Thank you to the Children's Center for working so hard to get this bill read and to all those that testified in support of the bill. 

This legislation will fortify education and workforce development for early childhood mental health systems in our state. 

Congressional Action:


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To promote a unified understanding of infant mental health across disciplines and programs and to develop a statewide system of resources in support of infant mental health for all families living in Utah.

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